Shakugan no Shana 06


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Ramie explains more about Friagne’s plan, Miyako Kurai (都くらい?) or Dark Capital, to Yuuji. Basically the whole city’s existance power will be consumed, including everything and everybody in it. Armed with this knowledge, Yuuji sets off to find Shana and prevent it, leaving Kazumi-chan behind. As he exits the gallery, he finds Shana just outside….

Meanwhile, Friagne decides to continue with the plan, even being warned by Marianne that Miyako Kurai takes time and he’s in a precarious position while executing it. He summons a bell and rings it, starting the plan.

Back to Shana and Yuuji, Yuuji begs Shana to stop the plan while walking home. Yuuji’s mom bumps into them and Yuuji introduces Shana as a classmate to her. This visibly irritates Shana and as soon as Yuuji’s mom walks off, she summons a *fuzetsu* and her sword and tries to kill Yuuji but stops half swing. Suddenly, she senses Friagne’s presence in the city and heads towards him.

Shana confronts Friagne, but Friagne easily keeps Shana at bay, using the bell. He further summons another *hougou*, Marble Root(?), and catches Shana’s sword with it.Shana rushes towards Friagne, but is interrupted when Yuuji arrives and shouts to her to evade the energy balls. Friagne takes the chance and seizes Yuuji, using him as a hostage and retreats to his hideout.

After the eyecatch, Marjorie is at one of the guy’s house, who’s apparently rich but lives alone. She decides to stay there and summons a map of the city to track down Ramie.

Shana tracks down Friagne’s position and the start to face off, with Friagne having the upper hand, using the bell to pwn Shana with energy balls. Yuuji, irritated with his(or perhaps her) uselessness, helps Shana out by warning her of the energy balls.

Shana summons more flames on her sword and Friagne explodes the whole area off and starts the ceremony to summon the Torches of the city.Shana emerges from the explosions and Marianne, sensing it, faces off Shana, summoning a large explosion that takes her out of action.

Friagne takes a gun out and aims it at Shana, trying to shoot her. Yuuji reaches the platform and shouts out to Shana, waking her up just in time to throw a piece of glass at Friagne, severing his fingers and the ring needed for the Miyako Kurai. Friagne picks up the gun with his other hand, but Marjorie arrives and stops him. Shana then finally strikes Friagne with her sword and he drops down, disappearing in flames.

The fuzetsu disappears and Shana and Yuuji are sitting down, back to back, with Yuuji looking not very good as his existence power was affected by the Miyako Kurai. A little rough transcript of their conversation:

Yuuji: You won, eh
Shana: At the end, I stood up after hearing your voice.
Yuuji: I’m glad I could be of some use. It seems quite a lot of my existance power has been taken.. looks like it’s my destiny to disappear… I guess it’s expected, since I’m a Torch.
Shana: Don’t say that, you’re Sakai Yuuji.
Yuuji: But still, I’m sorry. You lost yesterday because of me, that’s why you tried to slash me.
Shana: No, it’s not like that (*holds Yuuji’s hand*)
Yuuji: Really, then alright. At least, I had some significance… Sayonara
– *Yuuji disappears*
– *Clock strikes midnight*
Yuuji: (*reappearing*) Eh?! EH! What’s the meaning of this?!
Alastor: Looks like we weren’t wrong.
Shana: (*smiling*) That’s the power of the hougou in your body, Reiji Maigo (零時迷子?). It will restore your
existence power everyday at exactly midnight.
Yuuji: So.. that means….
Shana: You still don’t get it? It means you still have a future :).

Marjorie interrupts their little moment together and faces off with Shana. Next episode seems to be a more relaxed one, with Shana in a bathtub (y’all know what that means ^_-), Marjorie drunk and some monster, which I suspect is a *rinne*,

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