Jigoku Shoujo 06


Pretty good episode this time with a more a mature setting at hand as we see some “Desperate Housewives” worthy action with backstabbing, raping , revenge, suicide and much more… all in a normal housing estate setting.

Basically, housewife A spots housewife B screwing around with delivery boys but, unfortunately for A, B is quite powerful and she launches a bullying and blackmail offensive on A involving name-calling and raping. A is driven to madness and tries to commit suicide. A’s daughter, also caught in the offensive, is totally pissed off and uses Jigoku Tsuushin to kill off B. End.

Well, pretty much basic but that’s the story of this episode. Ai is featured a bit more this episode and also the customary Wet Ai-chan™ is also in this show. I did find the addition of that “launch sequence” music when Ai takes off the coach a bit stupid IMO. At least keep the stock footages constant if you can’t change it :p.

A bit more of Ai’s power is revealed here too, with her showing flashbacks. Well, not exactly a special power as all shounen genre characters can do that at a whim. She also says something really cool this episode, with her “I don’t help people. I can only avenge.” Pretty much cool and evil at the same time.

In the end, another showcase of how human nature is evil and pathetic is revealed when A takes over B’s position as head gossiper and harrasses B’s daughter after B’s death. I really pity A’s duaghter for it just seems so unjustified to her.

As for the punishment, although lacking in the “shock” factor of previous ones, was still one quite fitting in the setting shown this episode. Unlike Western women, generally Eastern culture women are much much more dependent on their husbands for their lives. B’s adultery, if exposed, basically will ruin her entire life, much more if her husband is a powerful figure, of which I think he is. By “punishing” her through exposing her adultery to her social world, she would probably lose “face”, an important asset in Eastern cultures, and will be shunned forever. In fact, the more “correct” punishment for B would be just that. Death is considered a much more easier way out for her :(.

For the ending note…..


(for more screencaps and better summary visit Omni’s post)

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