Omedeto Omni-kun!!

Well, as most might’ve heard, Omni’s site, Random Curiousity, has finally reached a landmark of 1 million hits. Here, I would like to congratulate him for reaching such a major landmark in such a short time. Undoubtably, his site is one of the most visited and most updated anime blogs around, apart from Matt’s, Mentar & Garten’s and moy’s.

Omni’s success is mostly attributed to the fact he keeps it simple yet informative by his style of screencapping, summary and opinions, not to forget too, how he religiously keeps to his schedule every week, being one of the fastest bloggers around. It has to be said that at the beginning of every season, I’m sure that otakus will be undoubtably praying for Omni to pick up their new series(es) of choice XD.

His contribution to the anime blogging scene will no doubt be a big one and will continue to influence blogging styles to come.Having watched the anime blogging scene from since around 2002 (because of Onegai Twins :) when it was still considered a curiousity, I haven’t seen such success being achieved by an anime blog in such a short period. I would in fact say that Omni’s blog is the first one I’ve seen to reach 1 million hits in such a short time, possibly even the first anime blog to hit 1 milion hits as well.

For a little sidenote, in just 3 weeks of starting afresh on, I already have 13,000 visitors and 3,000 uniques. I would like to express my utmost gratitude to the people who inspired me to start blogging, Matt, Momotato Daioh(I miss him sooo much), moyism, jeff and not forgetting my most important assets, my readers and commenters on my blog like JoKEr, kiryuu and everyone else ^_^.

As a little salutation to Omni, here’s some Yotsubato images ^_^, knowing how much you love that series :), though I’m pretty much sure you have some of this already. I would’ve really loved to make some nice oekaki for you, but unfortunately, in my case, “nice oekaki” would be an oxymoron XD.

Yotsuba drawing ~~ ^_^

Resting on a nice warm weekend afternoon :)

Yotsuba to Himawari :)

A nice wallpaper for X-Mas :)
(click for larger image)

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