Get well soon T_T !!! and today both reported that D-Grayman mangaka Hoshino Katsura has been taken seriously ill and the serialization of D-Grayman in Shounen Jump will be stopped for at least two weeks.

Being a avid reader of D-Grayman, I’m surprised and saddened by this piece of unwelcome news. I hope for Hoshino-sensei’s speedy recovery and blessing for good health to him.

It does not really come to a shock, as a lot of major manga-ka’s recently have also been calling in sick, such as Ayamine-sensei of Getbackers. It’s no secret that with the explosion of the popularity of manga and anime around the world, more and more profits are too be made and of course, those in positions of power (i.e. editors) are known to have pressured the prolonging of profitable series and other unscrupulous practices resulting in a lot of stress on the mangaka :(.

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