Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanaha A’s 06

(bleh, wanted to put up a Hayate pic, but couldn’t find any, so had to settle with Vita ^_^)

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**HAYATE-CHAN KAWAII SUGI!!!!!! MOÈRU!!!!!!!** \*explodes from kawaii overload\*

ok, back to business, major developments this episode, so if you hate getting spolied, don’t go ahead ;).


Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06Nanoha A's 06

Continuing from last week, where the kishidan was revealed to be artificial lives bound to the Yami no Sho, Fayt voices her thoughts that she’s the same as them. Lindy strongly rejects that and assures Fayt that although she’s born differently, she still considered a true “life” (personal interpretation, not accurate).

Amy defuses the stituation by explaining more into detail about the kishidan, saying that they exist to serve the master of the book. They are also supposed to be emotionless but Nanoha and Fayt says otherwise. After that, everyone dismisses and before heading home with Nanoha, Chrono asks Yuuno to help him the next day.

Meanwhile, Hayate is just leaving Suzuka-chan’s house to go home, driven by one of Suzuka’s maids (am i correct?). Back home, Signum and Shamal are reminscing back when they first appeared before Hayate. I’m not going into much detail here as I don’t think I can give justice to it, but it’s really damn funny.

As it turns out, Hayate, being Hayate, doesn’t really have any needs to use the Yami no Sho, and treats the four of them as family instead, forbidding them to finish the Yami no Sho.The kishidan are of course surprised with their new master but they slwoly adapt to their newfound blissful and peaceful life with Hayate.

Unfortunately, things are not what they seem to be as it turns out Hayate’s life is in danger, partly due to the Yami no Sho and she will die soon. Unable to accpet that, the kishidan start to complete the Yami no Sho in order to heal Hayate, thus explaining their motives.

The next day, Chrono and Yuuno go to the Time-Space Administration Bureau and meet with Chrono’s shishou’s, two catgirl tsukaima’s, Alia and Lotte(?). Chrono and Yuuno ask them for their help with the Yami no Sho incident.

The next episode is a big battle episode, with Nanoha and Fayt facing off the kishidan in another world.


A major character development episode as the revelation of the kishidan’s motives are unfolded here. The best part about the Nanoha series is that there’s not actually a single “real” bad guy in this show as most of the clashes are more of due to differences in opinions and aims. For one now, I’m really liking the kishidan a lot after this episode and as Nanoha says all the time, they should sit down and talk together and get to know each other. I’m pretty sure that they will all eventually get to know the reasons and work together to cure Hayate.

Of course the main point of this episode is the flashbacks of the kishidan on how they first met Hayate and why are they now trying to complete the Book. I feel genuine pity for them as they’re just only trying to save Hayate-chan, especially Vita, having developed such deep emotions for her. I was particularly touched with Vita this episode on where she’s struggling to kill the monsters in order to complete the Yami no Sho as soon as possible to cure Hayate-chan.

There’s also the part in the beginning where Fayt voices her thoughts that she’s also an artificial life to be angrily dispelled by Lindy. She’s really a good mother to Fayt now ^_^. It’s good to see that Fayt now has a “real” family that really cares for her and thinks of her a lot.

On the flipside, a lot of humour was injected in this episode, to offset the sad parts. The first appearance of the kishidan to Hayate really scared her a lot and the part in the hospital was humorous, especially with Zafira’s nekomimi XD. The eyecatch proved to be even funnier, with Nanoha “eating” Yuuno-kun, LOL. The catgirl shishou’s of Chrono are also really funny, with one of them, pouncing on Chrono and then saying “Gochisousama” after “finishing” with him XD. Yuuno was also quite freaked out by them after hearing that they want to “eat” him too (^_^);;;. Poor Yuuno-kun XD.

In all, this is the best episode of Nanoha A’s to date, with the production crew actually balancing the right amounts of humour, character development and plot advancing perfectly. The fact that Hayate’s omega kawaii in this episode helps too ^_^. IMHO, Nanoha A’s is shaping out to be better than Nanoha One, as long as this keeps up. I’m also seeing quite a twist in store in the future with the masked man from episode five. Most probably he’s aiming to use the Yami no Sho’s powers for his own. But the show’s only still halfway, so his true intents are still up in the air.


  1. Maestro4k Said,

    November 6, 2005 @ 7:04 pm

    You’re mostly correct on the maid driving Hayate-chan home, IIRC, that’s actually Suzuka-chan’s sister’s maid. Strange how it seems that Suzuka-chan’s dojikko maid seems to be under 18 now that I think about it.

    A bit about the book and Hayate-chan (I don’t take credit for this, Matthew told me this when were chatting last night while he watched it). The book has been essentially feeding off of Hayate-chan’s linker core, and it is the cause of her illness (I would suspect the illness is a direct effect of her linker core being consumed, look at how it affected Nanoha when hers was partially removed.)

    Oh yeah, Zafira’s a dog, so those aren’t neko-mimi (that’s be cat ears). ^_-

    Hayate-chan and Vita-chan were both really cute this episode, I loved how happy Vita-chan looked when she found out that Hayate-chan had bought that bunny doll for her. ^_^ They’re like sisters!

  2. Kurogane Said,

    November 6, 2005 @ 7:11 pm

    Ah, thanks for clearing it up. Well, it’s funny how much Nanoha challenges my comprehension of Japanese more than the other series I’m following now :). I’d had only made out that Hayate’s illness was somewhat connected to the Yami no Sho and she’s going to die, although I didn’t get the real reason ;P.

    As for Zafira… damn, i totally forgot about him being a dog. The nekomimi futago distracted me :P.

    And yes, Hayate and Vita were really cute, which was why I’d wanted to put in Hayate’s pic, but couldn’t find one, so I settled for Vita’s one ^\_^ . And yeah, they really like sisters ^_-.

  3. Kiryuu Said,

    November 8, 2005 @ 10:38 am

    Chrono is the type that goes home with lipstick left from co-worker in company’s party uncleaned then got kicked out of the house to spend the night outside by his wife.

  4. Kurogane Said,

    November 8, 2005 @ 7:57 pm

    Haha, putting it that way, I can already imagine an older Chrono getting kicked out by Nanoha… err.. his future wife.

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