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OP: scarlet by BRACE;d

ED: Mou hitotsu no birthday by Fm.θ

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At a pond, a boy is standing on a jetty when a girl approaches him and proceeds to bite him on the neck while a solar eclipse happens suddenly. She then releases the boy and a river of blood flows down her mouth staining her clothes.

It’s only a dream and we’re introduced to our protagonist Maaka Karin, a (seemingly) normal joshikousei. She heads for school and skips the P.E lesson on that day due to “that time of the month” again. But today, a transfer student, Usui Kenta, has arrived and on seeing him,Karin faints and is rushed to the nurse’s office. On waking up, Karin desperately tries to abstain herself from biting her friend, Maki.

Feeling better, she heads back for class but upon seeing Usui again, she feels sick and takes an early leave. In the evening, she’s unable to restrain herself anymore and bites a salaryman sleeping in the park, witnessed by Kenta who’s coincidentally there on the way home. Karin’s imouto, Anju appears and erases the salaryman’s memory and both of them rush home, leaving a bewildered Usui wondering what happened.

Back home, we’re introduced to Karin’s family, who are all vampires that migrated from Europe to Japan. Consisting of her father and mother, Henry and Carera Marker, older brother Ren, Karin and the youngest sibling, Anju. They’re seemingly a happy family, except for the fact that Karin is just about a total opposite of a vampire, sleeping at night and going to school in the morning, bad night vision and etc..

The next day starts off with Karin deciding to test if her “reactions” are caused by Kenta. Having more or less confirmed that when she “bumps” into Kenta on the way to school, she decides to distance herself from Kenta as much as possible. This rouses Kenta’s suspicion and when he tries to approach her after class, she runs off, causing Maki to reprimand Kenta. Kenta ignores it and chases after Karin, meeting her at the staircase when she finally reaches “bleeding” point and “explodes” with what must be the most overdramatic nosebleed by a female ever in anime, revealing her worst secret, she’s a vampire who doesn’t suck blood but instead produces too much blood.


A good first episode for this show. There were some parts I felt it was not so good, but overall, it’s still a good testament to J.C. Staff’s quality.

Having followed the scanlated manga until Vol.3, this episode is a mish-mash of the first three chapters of the manga. Some funny parts were taken out in order to fit in the selling point of this show, Karin’s nosebleed.Honestly, I would’ve liked it if the enjoukousai part was left in, but overall, it didn’t really detract the quality of the pacing much.

My major gripe for this episode is the way Maaka’s nosebleed is done. IMHO, it was certainly a bit too overdramatic, especially with the way the blood is made to look like flowers. I guess they didn’t want to gross out the audience. I’m theorizing that J.C. Staff is also targeting the younger audiences so they had to take out the enjoukousai and desensitize the nosebleed part a bit in order to keep the age rating down. But still, the amount of Karin’s blood shed later on is quite a lot IMO, second only to Elfen Lied’s first episode, XD.

But in all other aspects, the art and animation is done to the high standards of J.C. Staff. I had some reservations about Karin’s seiyuu, Sayuri Yahagi debuting, at first when I first heard her voice in the promo. At first, I felt that she was a bit too genki in the promo, but in this episode, she manages to bring out my vision of Karin’s voice perfectly, toning down the genkiness and also adding in the correct amount of shyness. She did sound like somewhat generic at part, but being her first attempt as a seiyuu, it’s quite a good job done. I’ll be looking forward to her portrayal of Karin in the later episodes.

As for the OP & ED, there’s no OP sequence in this episode, but we get hints of it during the sponsor ads. The ED is a slow song with a really cute sequence of Karin making a cake for Usui. IMHO, the OP and ED are really quite generic, especially for this season with other shows having much better songs ^_^ *coughShanacough*

The preview for the next episode doesn’t show much, apart from some Karin fanservice, but most likely it would be about chapter 4 to 5 of the manga.


  1. Willuknight Said,

    November 5, 2005 @ 4:22 pm

    ahhh your so lucky being able to download this and understand it without subs….

    i can’t wait to see this, i checked out the manga a month ago and this is one of the series im looking forward to the most.

    I thought the VA sounded a bit off in the promo, but when i listened to it again i realised that it was possible that it could be an ideal match – looks like my hopes are realised ;D

  2. Kurogane Said,

    November 5, 2005 @ 7:29 pm

    Well so far, as I said, her seiyuu is doing a better-than-expected job with Karin. Nothing that would win awards but still much better than generic voicing. I’ll reserve further judgement for her until later.

    And as for subs, pray for one of the good and fast groups to take it. Personally, I switched to raws mainly driven by the fact that subs come out too slow at times and also due to because I could already decipher what is being spoken through contextual understanding.

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