Shakugan no Shana 05


Yuuji returns home from school only to discover Shana lying in his yard, injured. He tries to help her, but she pushes away his hand and tells him to leave her alone, saying it’s his fault.

Meanwhile Friagne discovers that the Torches around the city are disappearing at an alarming rate. Marianne suspects it might be done by the Flame Haze but Friagne discounts that possibility. He reassures Marianne, saying that he will proceed with the plan, no matter what. Scene switches to the old guy in episode three, taking another Torch in his hands.

The next day, Kazumi-chan is waiting at the entrance holding 2 tickets. She invites Yuuji to a fine arts exhibition at the museum after school, surprising Yuuji.

In town, the two guys from Yuuji’s class (don’t know their names :P) get into trouble with a gang. Running away, they bump into Marjorie, who helps them.Grateful, they decide to follow her.

Back in school, Yuuji is worried about Shana’s absence. Ike and Kazumi join him for lunch and Ike persuades Yuuji to go with Kazumi to the exhibition. Yuuji agrees to it finally, making Kazumi happy.Shana, meanwhile, is sitting on the rooftop, eating melon-pan alone.

Back to Majorie, Marcoh is explaining about the Tomogara to the two guys. Marjorie asks if there’s any big incidents lately but apparently it’s all peaceful in the town.Friagne decides to take action about the disappering
Torches. He opens a fuzetsu in the middle of the town and Majorie faces him off but he leaves in the middle of the battle, pissing Marjorie off.

In the meantime, Yuuji and Kazumi are enjoying the exhibition, watched by Shana, when Yuuji sees a Torch disappearing. He meets Marjorie’s target, Corpse Retriever Ramin/Lamin (kinda ambigious :P), and they have a little chat.

Shana is very confused about what to do with Yuuji, causing Alastor to suggest to Shana that she destroy Yuuji.

The next episode seems to deal with the impending plan of Friagne and a showdown between Friagne and Shana.


Haaah…… OK, that was a sucky summary. I’m losing my edge here :P. It was quite hard as I write summaries while I watch and with this episode changing places a lot of times, I tried to make it coherent as possible. I guess we can wait for Matt and Omni to do a better job. For screencaps, go to Omni’s post. Too lazy to do screencaps now :p.

This episode had a lot less of Shana and instead focused on the other characters more. Shana is having some internal conflicts within herself as she struggles to comprehend her feelings for Yuuji. Having more or less accepted the theory she’s had not much permanent contact with others. The events of episode four and Yuuji’s behavior are causing her confusion, stemming from the fact that Yuuji’s not acting like what a Torch is supposed to be, instead, keeping his human qualities still intact.

Kazumi also finally gets her screentime which is fitting, considering she’s supposed to be part of the triangle with Yuuji and Shana. She’s quite cute, no doubt thanks to the Ayako Kawasumi treatment. I just loved how they made her shy, but not too shy as we can see her pouting when Yuuji-kun was talking to the Corpse Retriever, instead of paying attention to her. The part where she was building her courage to ask Yuuji out was also good, establishing her as a much more better character in my book and making her a worthy ‘adversary’ to Shana ^_^. IMHO, I never really liked the super-shy types :).

A good amount of info was also revealed in the chat between Yuuji and the Corpse Retriever. I got the gist of the chat, but I’m not sure if it’s correct. But basically, he reveals that Friagne plans to destroy the city and also some background info on the Guze universe. I don’t really dare to translate the rest as seeing how much I didn’t get after watching the subbed versions. I’ll be waiting for Eclipse’s release :).

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