Bleach 56

Following up last week’s episode, the continuation of the battles between :

Yamamoto Genryusai’s Ryujin Jyakka vs Ukitake’s Sougyo no Kotowari & Kyoraku’s Katen Kyokotsu

and the infamous catfight between:

Soi Fong’s Suzumebachi vs Yoruichi’s Shunkou.

Another superb episode from the crew of Studio Pierrot. Admittedly, I had been waiting eagerly the Soi Fong vs Yoruichi fight ever since I read it in the manga. The fight really pushes the definition of “catfight” to me. I’m seriously glad to see that the animation crew animated the fight nicely and vividly. I did have some bone of contention with the way they animated “Shunkou“, it does seem to be like the infamous Super Saiyan mode of Dragonball, only white coloured. But still, Yoruichi rocks !!

It’s a bit too bad we won’t get to see the Ryujin Jyakka fight. Understandably being one of the strongest people in Soul Society, Ryujin Jyakka has enormous power and most likely we’ll be seeing it in action in the “Arankal” arc now being done in the manga. On that note, I’d just read Chapter 201 and safe to say, I’ll be anxiously anticipating it in the anime. Orikasa Fumiko’s voice is *soooo* perfect for it.

Another funny thing to note is that, there was a little “debate” over at 4chan, with someone complaining that this episode is a filler. I laugh at the ignorance would like to say that some people need to get facts right before throwing accusations. This fight is *in* the manga and so far, there hasn’t been any actual fillers done by Studio Pierrot save for ONE episode. I’d like to give my fullest respects to Studio Pierrot and the whole Bleach anime crew for not (yet) succumbing to the powers of commercialization.

Understandably, the “Soul Society” arc is reaching it’s climax and will soon end. At that point, I would hope for the animation crew to take a break like the Tsubasa Chronicle crew and wait for the current arc to progress substantially before animating it and not do some half-assed fillers. Though there is a high chance it might just go ahead do the opposite :P.


  1. Z3r0(keluangman) Said,

    November 2, 2005 @ 11:44 pm

    cool blog =] and i see you have been blogging good show
    as a fellow malaysian and an anime fan , teruskan usaha anda =D

  2. Kurogane Said,

    November 3, 2005 @ 1:52 am

    Haha, thanks a lot for the support. As a matter of fact, I still need to put up a “About me” page :).

    Well, i don’t exactly think my blog is “cool”, but it’s still a better improvement from my old Blogger one :P.

  3. w1ckhunt3r Said,

    November 4, 2005 @ 1:35 am

    I like ur blog alot too ^^ Keep up the excellent work…Btw I am a Malaysian too :)

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