Mushishi 02


Damn, I’m starting to think that Mushishi is a loli parade. I was brooding for the loss of Lenzu, and *poof* out comes Sui…. not that I have any bones to pick about it. I guess I’ll be watching Mushishi, even if it sucks big time if they keep showcasing one loli per episode XD.

On to the second episode, some mystical stuff concerning eyes are covered. Now, who went and really tried to do what Sui said about closing the second eyelid, eh ;), well.. I did, XD.

Undeniably, there’s some really creepy parts, most notably when Ginko did his Mushi extermination and transplanted his fake eye into Sui. Also, some backstory about Ginko is revealed, notably that he might have Mushi trouble before and now he’s using his knowledge to help others(stereotypically). But so far, I haven’t found much to hate about Mushishi, so I’ll be following it, mostly via subs.

Oh, and short sidenote:


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  1. Mina Said,

    November 10, 2005 @ 6:19 am

    haha, I did not XD I found this episode so scary I don’t know wether I can bear to watch on. What if Mushis really exist? I don’t want a Mushi that looks like a Mr. hanky after death in my eye *wah SCRAY*

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