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Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood

Yet another spammed finished anime…… watched 24 episodes in a one night marathon…. haha. Well, I’d actually watched it once,when it was still running, but… meh… taking time to write the full review now (actually skipping class to do it, haha).

(it’s a bit long, so continue on…..)

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Hellsing Ultimate _|-|0”””’

Just read this from AnimeNewsNetwork…..

Hellsing OAV Delayed (2005-11-28 12:47:12) :
According to Geneon’s official website for the Hellsing OAV, its release has been delayed to January 26, 2006.

“WORST NEWS OF THE DAY” oofu ziyaa………

Now excuse me while I go sulk in a corner for a day or two _|-|0”’……………………….

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanaha A’s 09

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A totally amazing episode. Nanoha A’s quickly becoming one of the best shows this season, with all this twists.

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Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 06


Amazing episode this time, with a totally different atmosphere from the previous ones. I had difficulties believing I was watching Rozen Maiden at times. I just don’t have the energy to post a summary so if anyone wants one, read Garten’s post :).

Starting off, Suigintou’s back permanently thanks to Father and some help from Barasuishou (I think). Suigintou’s master, Megu, is also introduced as well and I finally see why Suigintou has much more popularity among Japanese fans than Shinku. Even for the first episode introducing them, I’m clamouring more of Megu and Suigintou.

To put it simply, somehow, the two of them really fit each other off, with both having the problem of being “incomplete”. There’s been some funny theories about Megu’s condition, with the most absurd one I’ve heard was AIDS, but I think that Megu’s suffering from congenital heart defects. It’s the most fitting disease I can think off, especially with her “koko ni wa ponkotsu” comment. I’m pretty surprised that she managed to survive for that long. Considering it’s quite a deadly one.

Megu’s pessimistic view of herself is really a very sad thing to see, having suffered all her life from the condition and living like a parasite, unable to do anything much apart from living. I was on the verge of tears on her conversation with Suigintou about her “lifespan”. I hope that with Suigintou, she’ll find a reason to live on.

As on the topic of Suigintou’s revival, it’s done nicely with the reason of needing her to start off the Alice Game. I guess that getting destroyed outside of the Alice Game doesn’t really count. On the other hand, I really find Father to be really quite psychotic, forcing them all in this battle royale.

While on other characters, my suspicions about the Enju shopkeeper have been confirmed with what it seems to be him as Barasuishou’s master. It now all seems that Barasuishou’s acting on Father’s commands with her reviving Suigintou and setting up the Alice Game.

Shinku also seems to still be in some trauma and still blaming herself for what happened. She positively looks glad on seeing Suigintou being revived. She’s regretting her past actions as well, and her pompous nature from the first season in somewhat gone, based on her apology to Suigintou.

After this amazing episode, I find it quite funny to see that the next episode looks like another humourous one. I speculate the next episode would be a mix of humour and character development, with probably some twist at the end.

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Gunparade March

Well, I didn’t really liked the sound of this show in the first place, but after much egging from willuknight bitching about how no one’s taking up Gunparade Orchestra this season, I decided to watch it.

My first impression of it is that it’s pretty much average story about Angels aliens invading and the group of angsty teenagers piloting EVA’s mecha’s to destroy the Angels aliens. But it does set itself out in the end, a little though.

Firstly, the art is pretty OK considering J.C. Staff did it, which is a good factor to watch this show. Character designs were leaning to the generic but still OK and there’s still a semblence of individuality among the large cast.However, the same cannot be said for the mecha designs as they were really quite ugly and generic, with an even uglier acronym given to them, HMT(Humanoid Walking Tanks). I guess the good ones like EVA’s, AS’es and MS’es were already taken :P. Animation is good and steady throughout the show, but then, I was watching a DVD copy, so I guess I can’t comment much about that :).

Next, the characters are pretty much average and nothing much to shout about. We have the typical tsunderekko, ignorant wimp, womanizer, bishounen shoujo (think Chie), kawaii loli and the dojikko all rolled together under the large cast of Unit 5121. Pretty much most of the stereotypical anime characters are here. Individually forgettable, but the interaction between them is what makes them stand out. As for the enemies, they aren’t given much things to do, except just to stand around to get hit by the protagonist’s.

As for plot direction and story, it’s probably the best thing of the show, as it flows fluidly and manages to give most of the characters some form of development. The slice-of-life approach taken here by the show is probably not for those who are hardcore fans of mecha shows like Gundam and EVA. It’s best to describe GPM as the ARIA of mecha animes :). Still the story is perfectly developed and ended in the 12 short episodes it runs for as there’s no feeling of “being rushed” and “deus ex machina’s” being employed.

On the music part of the show, I didn’t really find the OP and ED interesting to listen to, which is quite a shame as it could’ve given GPM one more plus point for me. But the BGM is fine and funny to listen to with some overdramatic music being used at times, to a funny effect, which I think is probably intended by the production crew.

All in all, GPM is quite a nice show to watch, if you have nothing much more particularly interesting to watch/do. It’s 12-episode format makes it quite bearable to watch, when you consider the main point of the show is to watch the hero hook up with the heroine. Best watched on a lazy weekend with friends, like I did. In short, it’s not too good or outstanding yet not too bad or sucky, making it quite average.

Rating : 5/10


- Good story pacing and flow.
- Good art and animation.


- Bad mecha designs.
- Forgettable OPED’s.

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Being a Kaede-chan fan, I’m happy that Kaede’s past is finally explored. I realise that a lot of people are now really scared of Kaede-chan, but nontheless, I’m still liking her, albeit I’m looking at her with a different eye right now.

I have to give kudos to Rin for being the person he was, enduring all that torture, just to give Kaede-chan a “target” in life. Given in that situation, it’s really hard to jolt someone who’s lost the will to live unless something extreme is employed. I give my highest respects to Rin for doing that and giving Kaede the will to live.

While so, Rin has also been quite an ass by neglecting his “family” after making the decision to go on with Asa-sempai. Kaede really hasn’t had much exposure ever since “her episode” early in the beginning. With Sia, Primula and now Asa taking the centerstage, the feeling of neglect is really building up. But from an another side, I salute the production crew for doing this, as I genuinly feel Kaede’s feelings of being neglected.

Kaede’s “explosion” is well called for her, considering her past and the growing feeling of neglect she’s suffering from Rin, totally into Asa now. For the direction of the story, it’s now heading off to a battle royale between Asa and Kaede-chan, since Sia and Nerine are pretty much out with Primula playing the *imouto* part now. There’s also a nicely done contrast between the two, given that Kaede’s mentally collapsing while Asa’s physically weakening. All in all, I’m still with Kaede’s tragic backstory and her character, but Asa’s really having the momentum now. I guess, we’ll just have to wait.

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Kuro’s Roundup 01

_|-|0””….. pretty much describes my life now, as everything’s in a god damn mess…….

As a result, I’m pretty much not in a blogging mood for now, so until I sort back everything in my life to normal, I don’t think I’ll be blogging as much as possible……

Anyways, I’m still on the season, just a bit screwed up and late. I’m still having backlogs for some shows, not having watched Karin 03, Shuffle 18 and Nanoha A’s 08. I’m going to watch them over the weekend, if possible. What I did watch for now was Bleach 59 and Shakugan no Shana 08.

Bleach 59 proceeded according to my earlier assumptions and ended off Ichigo vs Byakuya, while setting up the twist later on involving Hitsugaya. Believe me, the twist is sooo darn good, it was it that kept me in Bleach while I was almost going to give up on it, on account it was degenerating into a battle royale ^_-.

Shana 08 was just pure awesomeness….. as Omni stated, it had totally amazing production values. Shana has noticably powered up and her flame wings are my newest craze ^_^. Margery wasn’t neglected as well and her tears in the end of the episode was sooo perfect, I just found the energy to blog it out. Honestly speaking, it was that part that made me wanted to blog, albeit not in full, just… no energy. Well, next episode is a pool episode, and I was just so totally laughing at the preview :).

Still looking forward to Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 06 today as well, Miss Yakult’s back :). Hopefully, I won’t degenerate to blogging in “Roundup” form for a long time,which I will if I don’t have time/mood, but my RL has been incompatitable with me recently. As much as I want to perform a clean reinstall of it, it’s perfectly impossible and I’m reduced to try and tweak it instead. If you can understand that, congratulate yourself, you’re a certified true computer geek :).

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Came down with a bad case of food poisoning……. expect no updates for a while….

UPDATE: Feeling much better now….still not sure if I’m going back to blog last week’s Karin, Nanoha A’s and Shuffle!. Thanks to wickedhunter for your concern (^_^)

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Dolls and broken speakers…..

I haven’t done my usual Karin entry or even remotely watched Shuffle!’s latest episode due to laziness……

Partially the reason is that I’ve lost my speakers on Monday, meaning no sound T_T. I managed to pass through the week, thanks to friends and my backup headphone, but it’s seriously getting annoying to me, because for some reason, my ears don’t take too kindly to my headphones for a prolonged period of time. Plus moving around with the wire dragging isn’t too fun. I’m probably getting a new one, either tonight or tomorrow… though my monthly budget is pretty much shot.

Another thing is that the weekend has been extremely busy, due to the fact I moved from a downstairs room to an upstairs one, which is tons better than the one I had. The downstairs room was sooo bloody hot and it was stuffy as hell. The internal temperature of that room was at least, on average, 5°C hotter than the outside temp and the humidity was damn high, due to the inexistance of airflow in the room. Really glad to have moved to my current one, with a big window and much more airy than the last one. Heck, I can now leave my PC on without any fans on, unlike in the previous one.

One little gripe I have with my current room now is that the network it’s connected to is on a 512K line, which means about half of my previous one. I’m planning to rewire it to my old 1MB network, maybe around tomorrow.Oh well, at least I don’t really have anything important to watch, except for Nanoha A’s today.

On other news, I’d just changed my desktop wall to a Rozen Maiden one, in celebration for the little impending twist of episode 06. Click on the pic to download the full version. All credits go to and the original maker of the wall.

Shinku and Suigintou

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Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 05

Hina Ichigo

A pretty funny episode, on par with Rozen Maiden’s staircase war episode.

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