Nanoha A’s 05

Fayt and Arf

Really good episode as we get to see the upgraded Raging(or Fledging) Heart and Bardiche in action. Highlights include:

– Hayate-chan being chou-kawaii in the beginning when she was buying groceries.
– Raging/Fledging Heart’s engrish(made me LOL’ed, a lot).
– Nanoha and Vita comedy (unfortunately I didn’t get much of it :( )
– Nanoha, when she was firing the Buster move on Vita
– Fayt and Signum fight. Bardiche stole the scene when he thanked Signum for commenting he’s strong XD.
– Appearence of mysterious masked guy
– Hayate playing with the cats.
– Hayate’s kansai-ben (am I correct?)
– Revelation that the kishidan are created lives, apparently by the Yami no Sho.

Nanoha A’s is getting more and more better, can’t wait for the next week, where it seems the origins of the kishidan are revealed. Meanwhile, waiting for Kawaii Ou, Matt to put up his entry ^_^.

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  1. Jisu Said,

    April 22, 2006 @ 3:47 pm

    I’m pretty sure it’s “Raising” Heart…

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