Fall 2005 Season Preliminary Round-up.


Well, it’s about a month into the Fall 2005 Anime Season line-up and most blogs have already put up 1st impressions. Now I’d like to follow in their footsteps and post up my thoughts as well. As I haven’t watched a lot of the new series’, I’m putting it up by series.

1. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s : I’ve never been a fan of mahou shoujo anime’s, given the diabetic-inducing sweetness of most of them and the ridiculous henshin sequences. Although Nanoha contains both elements, it’s surprisingly good enough to balance the proportions and add in interesting stuff to get me hooked. Additionally, good character developments also make the show nice to watch. I’ll be watching this but not really blogging as it’s best to leave it to Kawaii Ou, Matt ;). Besides, I get *a lot* of dirty thoughts when I watch this. Ahh… the potential of future shoujo-ai involving NanohaxFayt..

2. Canvas2 ~Nijiiro no Sketch~ : Not a big fan of it, as I’ve watched too much harem anime. It’s also kinda generic, even with the potential of being dramatic. I’ve never always been much of a fan of straight-on harems (barrring Shuffle!). And none of the girls are moé enough for me. So I’m dropping this.

3. Jigoku Shoujo : Admittedly, this show has fallen a bit flat for me by the fourth episode. I find myself zoning out on the set-up parts for the revenge, waking up only to see wet Ai-chan, the punishment and the infamous “ippen, shinde miru?“. But still, the moé powers of Ai-chan and Noto Mamiko are not to be underestimated. I’ll be blogging this, if I feel like it.

4. CLUSTER EDGE : Read this post.

5. Shakugan no Shana : No.1 show this season for me. Shana-sama rules. Period. The fact that it’s also set in a semi-fantasy setting with tons of mythological references wins it for me. Hishoku no Sora and Yoake Umare Kuru Shoujo rules too. Best show this season, IMHO. Expect full fledged blog entries about it from me.

6. ARIA the Animation : Very slow-paced and uneventful. But still, it’s quite good enough for me to keep watching it and there’s nothing unlikable about it. Haven’t read the manga yet, so I’m not as negative as Garten about it. I’d always had a soft spot for this type of shows. The music also wins it for me.

7. Black Cat : Fairly generic shounen series. Watched the first 2 episodes of it and nothing much has gone wrong, yet. Might watch it when I have some free time. Blog entries? Maybe not.

8. Mai Otome : 2nd best show this season. More Shizuru is always good, very very good. Sunrise has a very good franchise on their hands….. though hopefully I won’t be seeing something like Mai-SEED in the future.

9. Blood+ : So far, it’s been looking quite good for me. Sword-swinging vampire girls are a combination of my favourite moé qualities. Now if it could swap out the annoyingly soft parts and make Saya a full fledged killing machine ooohhh……….

10. Noein ~Mou Hitori no Kimi e~ : Very promising show, this one is. I wanna see more of Karas kicking ass though and I find his voice darn sexy.

11. Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ : So far so good, picks up the pace from last year’s Rozen Maiden finely. Guys playing with dolls have never been so cool ^_^. ALI PROJECT is good too.

2005 Fall Season Rankings:


1. Shakugan no Shana
2. Mai Otome
3. Rozen Maiden ~träumend~
4. Noein
5. Blood+

Music: Theme Songs (OP and ED’s)

1. Hishoku no Sora, Shakugan no Shana OP
2. Yoake Umare Kuru Shoujo, Shakugan no Shana ED
3. Seishoujo Ryouiki, Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ OP
4. Karasuma no Chou, Jigoku Shoujo OP
5. ETERNAL BLAZE, MS Lyrical Nanoha A’s OP.

Music : BGM

1. Mai Otome
2. Shakugan no Shana
3. Rozen Maiden ~träumend~
4. ARIA the Animation
5. Jigoku Shoujo


1. Shakugan no Shana
2. Jigoku Shoujo
3. Rozen Maiden ~träumend~
4. ARIA the Animation
5. Noein

There’s still quite a few shows I haven’t found the time (or motivation) to watch, like Mushishi, Paradise Kiss and etc. This is purely from my perspective (whose blog isn’t :) so it’s not accurate. Overall, this season is filled with quite a lot of great and promising shows like Otome, Shana, Blood+ and Noein. One outstanding aspect of this season is also the music, with tons of good songs and BGM’s hitting the market, especially from Shana, Otome and Jigoku Shoujo. Still there’s lot of stuff that I’m not gonna touch, like Ginga Densetsu WEED, Wulong and the sports animes out this season.

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