Shakugan no Shana 04


Picking up from last week, Shana wonders about Yuuji’s strangeness, which seems to be caused by the hougu in his body,Reiji Maigo (literally, Lost Child (at) Midnight, not correct, just guesses). Yuuji returns with Shana’s spoon, when it starts to rain, prompting Yuuji to invite her inside, which of course any decent guy MUST do.

Inside, Shana starts to change and forces Yuuji to hide in his closet while she’s changing ^_^. And, unlike others, I paid attention to what they’re saying. Well, important points:

– Shana’s coat functions like Doraemon’s pocket ;)
– Arastol introduces himself as one of the Guze kings
– Guze is an alternate neighbouring world to Earth.
– Flame Hazes work with their own objectives in mind, and fights between them can occur(which we see later).

Which at this point, Yuuji falls out of the closet, getting a nice view ^^ of Shana, ending with him getting a panda look, ^^. Yuuji’s mom barges in causing Shana to hide back outside in the rain (._.), when she feels something.

In town, Marjorie a.k.a Ms. Big Breasts, walks into a hotel and dramatically requests the best room but she’s not satisfied with it. Friagne a.k.a Mr. Loli-Doll-Fetish( I swear he’d go all crazy if he went into Rozen Maiden’s universe) detects her presence. It seems he’s planning to make Marianne into a real existence.

The next morning, Yuuji smells something nice and finds out that Shana’s sleeping beside him, in her underwear (and a pedophile is born). Shana wakes up and takes sometime to process the situation (oh god, the way she woke up almost made me go ‘high’). She takes out her sword and goes all “OMAEEEEE!!!!!!” on Yuuji, until Alastor reminds her that SHE was the one climbing into his bed.They then get ready for school.

In school, the PE teacher forces Yuuji’s class to run continuously because of Shana. Kazumi-san can’t take it and falls down, prompting the rest to call for a break. He refuses resulting in a Shana kick. Shana questions the teacher about the point of his ‘exercise’ ( Shana-sama kakkoii!!!) but he blabbers more, irritating Shana, Yuuji takes the cue and shouts, covering for Shana, who kicks the teacher again straight in front. They finally get the class canceled.

Majorie casts a spell, causing Shana to detect her presence. Majorie senses Shana heading towards her and stops the spell, casting the fuzetsu instead. It seems Majorie and her book, Marco Sears, are aiming for the ningyozuki hentaiyaro, Friagne, too. They start to fight and it seems that Shana has the upper hand at first, but Marjorie quickly overruns her and Shana gets beaten, falling into a river, engulfed in flames :(shinanaide! Shana-sama!!)

Next episode preview shows Shana in angsty mode(predictable) and Majorie facing off Friagne.


This episode was purely a showcase of Shana’s kawaiiness and moéness. Shana is really
a funny character. She can be so girly and so serious with a blink of an eye. The way she bounced on Yuuji’s bed was sooo kawaii~~~~!!! OK, well enough of fanboyism.

Shana seems to be at a loss on how to deal with Yuuji. A lot of nice and good theories have been put up by the Animesuki Forums ppl and I find the most likely explanation to Shana’s behavior is that she hasn’t stayed in one place for a long time, resulting in her anti-socialness. And now with Yuuji’s little snag, she would probably need to stay long term with Yuuji and be part of his life. I guess Shana doesn’t really know how to deal with this impending situation. One thing also that needs explanation is the origin of the Flame Hazes and how they came to be. Did the Guze kings recruit them from their world or did they choose people from Earth instead?

There’s also the fact the Guze kings and the Tomagara have their own opinions and ways of doing their job. As stated by Alastor, fights between Flame Hazes occur, even as they’re trying to keep the world balance from the deeds of the Tomogara.

Also, the fact that Shana seems to be weaker than the other Flame Hazes bothers me. Is it beacuse of her origins or other reasons? Need to watch on. Now, if someone would translate the novels (or i go learn Japanese :).


  1. Kiryuu Said,

    October 29, 2005 @ 12:15 am

    if they want to translate, hope they translate the prequel. at least, heard that there’s Enpatsu Shakugan who’s better than Shana :D
    and history of Shana’s sword.

    BTW, Friagne mentioned it also before right ? Shana’s power is borrowed from the sword, she’s still unable to use the power from her pact with Alastor like to call forth flame. :)

  2. Mani Said,

    March 31, 2007 @ 7:40 am

    Wow….. I love this show and you dont know how long i have been looking for stuff about it…. THANK YOU!!!

  3. mashary Said,

    April 13, 2007 @ 8:24 am


  4. yukari uchiha Said,

    May 11, 2007 @ 6:12 am

    I love Shana

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