Status Report a.k.a Screw Screamyx

I’ve been gone a while….

Ok, maybe not ‘a while’ but still, to assure that i’m not dead/bored yet, here’s a little status report.

I’ve reformatted my PC, taking advantage of the crappiness of my DSL recently. When you have 4-5 torrents running at combined speeds of *5KB/s* and you need to press F5 100 times to view *1 PAGE*, you’ll know there’s something screwed. So which means I’ve spent the last day reinstalling everything and stuff. Lucky Mondays and Tuesdays are slow days for me.

But on much more depressing fronts, my DSL line is running on speeds bordering on dial-up territory, which means I might not be able to blog/have things to blog/rant as much as I can. I really wanna go back to Melaka T_T. I’ve tried tons of things to fix it, so now I will assume that it’s TM Nut’s fault and will proceed to spam their hotline at the rate of 4-5times/hr.

On other news, is appreciating donations, thanks to the new wave of bloggers begging for hosting(like me ;p). So if anyone has an extra dollar or 2, please donate at this link. I’ll put up a donation button on the sidebar soon.

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