Mai Otome 03

No time to put up a full blog post, so here’s some opinions and predictions i gleaned from this episode.

1. Mai is coming back, YAY!!!!(well, possibly)

2. Sergey and Rena are connected. I see 3 possiblities, either he’s her son, student or adopted child(ala Nina). Any wild guesses that Sergey’s Arika’s oniisan?

3. Nagi is still a god damn manupulative bastard.

4. Nina is hardcore, real hardcore. She looks like she’s trying to kill Arika, goodness.

5. KnK guy from Mai-HiME actually has some powers. And IS MAI WITH HIM?!!!!

6. I miss Haruka and Yukino!!!!!

7. I will kill for Mai-Otome’s OST(also for Shakugan’s OP & ED :)

8. Chibi Nina is cute. (Ok internal lolicon sense going off).

9. Anyone spotted the Fumi cameo for this episode. Need to rewatch it.

I’ll up a post soon. Going out for a movie with friends. Expect Shuffle! 14 and Gunbuster 2 04

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  1. Mentar Said,

    October 22, 2005 @ 2:49 pm

    Son? Naaah, look at how he “whoaaaaa”s her from afar. I think he had a boyish crush on her from his young days, and the story may very well lead to him pursuing Rena romantically.

    I only spotted Fumi (very likely) in Shizuru’s GEM’s activation sequence (S.V to F.H.) – Fumi Himeno.

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