Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 01

OP : 「聖少女領域」 seishoujo ryouiki by ALI PROJECT

ED: 「光の螺旋律」 by kukui

OP Sequence


In a workshop, dolls are being made. Shinku is painstakingly being pieced together by someone, probably the “Father”. After completing her, he winds her up and Shinku smiles at seeing him.

Back to the present, it’s a normal school day and Jun is trying to catch up with his homework with the help of Tomoe in the library.. serves you right for playing truant :).After getting notes and a nice stack of homework, he heads home.

Back home, he tries to get some work done but decides to rest. He finds Hina Ichigo hiding under his bed pleading him not to reveal her. As Jun is trying to figure out what’s happened, Suisuiseki’s box come flying in from the window, awarding Jun with a headshot. Pissed off, he argues with her only to get a 2nd headshot from Sousuiseki’s box a few minutes later.

Apparently, Hina Ichigo vandalized their magical items to which Hina Ichigo defends herself that it was Suisuiseki’s fault for stealing her ichigo daifuku (aikawarazu ne…). The fight is interrupted when Shinku appears and rebukes Jun for missing tea time ^-^;;.

After Shinku goes all onee-sama mode and settles everything, the gang watches some Tantei Kunkun. Hina Ichigo is forced to make tea and is pleasantly glad when Nori comes home and gives her an ichigo daifuku (to which Suisuiseki’s planning to steal again, ebil…). Jun appears and says he’s done some chores, pleasing Nori to no end, while Shinku looks at a watch with a worried face saying it’s almost time.

Dinner is served and it’s the gang’s favorite flower-topped steak. Hina Ichigo sings a funny but cute song, praising the food ^_^;;, while Suisuiseki takes the chance to steal her ichigo daifuku. But to her surprise, her hand gets caught in the wani doll. Turns out that Jun anticipated it and helped Hina Ichigo, prompting a little dinner table fight. After that, Suisuiseki and Sousuiseki return back.

Hina Ichigo retires for the night while Shinku is reading a book and Jun is completing his assignments. Jun comments to Shinku’s that’s she’s sleeping a bit late recently. Later Shinku throws in the towel for the day, but before that she tries to say something to Jun but fails to, going to bed with a lot in her mind.

Shinku has a nightmare involving Suigintou, blaming her for her destruction, questioning her why she’s fighting. Shinku awakes, surprising Jun. They have a little talk about her dream but it’s interrupted when Suigintou’s helper spirit appears.

Shinku and Jun follow it to the alternate world, where they meet a evil version of the Mad Hatter. Shinku and him have a little chat and he goes off. They continue on to a field of crystal spikes, when suddenly someone attacks them.It turns out to be Barasuishou, the 7th Rozen Maiden Doll.

Next episode seems to be a big fight between Shinku and Barasuishou. Also some shots of a really mad Shinku. And I am not kidding about the ‘really mad’ part.

ED Sequence


Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ rocks, that’s for sure. The gothic OP sequence, the return of Shinku and the dolls, the comedy, action. It’s all perfect to me.

First off, is the whole OP sequence. As tradition dictates, Ali Project’s doing it, and they’re doing it in style. Some might find their style funny, unacceptable, or even “shouting matches”, but for some reason, I like their songs a lot, from Noir’s OP to Mai-HiME’s PS2 game OP. The whole OP sequence also shouts of cool, fitting the song nicely.

Next, the art and animation is done nicely, not much difference from the original Rozen Maiden, which is good. Also, the previous show’s BGM’s are also used back in träumend, with some nice music coordination at the scene when Jun says to Nori he’s done some chores, and during the battle sequence as well.

Also good to see that Suisuiseki’s still as evil as usual and Hina Ichigo’s cuteness too. Jun also has turned for the better and I was quite touched at the part where he says he’s done some chores to Nori. Expect also some romantic interaction with Tomoe. Shinku seems to be much more worried about something. It seems something big is coming soon. Jun and Shinku’s relationship also seem a lot more closer, when she confides her dreams and the origin of the Alice Game part, after her nightmare.

The ED is nice and relaxing. It’s OK overall, but not good enough to really catch my attention, especially with Yoake Mae Kuru Shoujo this season.

Overall, I will be following Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ this season. I will be watching the 4:3 version, unlike some people waiting for the 16:9 ones XD. I’d prefer 16:9 though, but the anticipation kills me. I’ll leave it to Ayu for the 16:9 version :).


  1. kitsura Said,

    October 21, 2005 @ 5:13 pm

    Hi, mind sharing where you got the raw from? I’ve been looking for the raw but have not been able to find it anywhere.

  2. moyism Said,

    October 21, 2005 @ 5:40 pm

    ever think of checking kitsura? You can get the raw here or here.

  3. Kiryuu Said,

    October 21, 2005 @ 7:00 pm

    ( )
    that one is just priceless XD

    now, waiting for the no-credit OP/ED from DVDs. pics of the twins there are gorgeous.

    but, the Laplace Demon picked side ? thought he’s a neutral chara in that war -_-

  4. Kurogane Said,

    October 21, 2005 @ 7:03 pm

    Oh, the Evil Mad Hatter is known as the Laplace Demon? kk, didn’t know. couldn’t fully comprehend the parts when he and Shinku were talking :(. That’ll be interesting, Laplace Demon, that is.

    And yes, Suisuiseki is evil ;) , hehe.

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