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Well, was going through 4chan, when I discovered a new manga, done by Kazurou Inoue, the manga-ka of Midori no Hibi, which I tremendously enjoyed, despite the absurdness of a guy’s hand turned into a girl XD.

He’s currently doing a new work, AiKora or Love & Collage. I suspect Love Collage is more accurate after reading it, but bleh, yay for the Engrish XD.

Anyways, the plot is about a guy, Maeda Hachibe (15) who’s got a fetish about 4 things :

– Her legs must have the same thickness from her thighs to her ankles.
– Her eyes must be big and cat-like and their color should be transparent blue.
– Her boobs must be bouncy and should look like the bullet train 200 style.
– She should have a husky voice and be somewhat sweet.

So, basically, if a girl has these qualities, he’ll go for it and ignore the other parts, no matter how bad they are.

He decides to move to Tokyo is search of the perfect girl and moves into a dorm. Once there, though, he finds that his dorm was burned down by an arsonist and he’s erm… ‘forced’ to live in the girls dorm instead ^_^. There, he finds 4 residents with each of them having one of the things he fetishes about. In other words, a lot of ecchi and warm situations.

Here’s some character info:

Hachibe Maeda

Hachibe Maeda

The protagonist of the series. Has a serious fetish problem due to the fact he was influenced by an anime series when he was young. Typical wimp normally, but instantly gains invincibility when his fetish(es) is threatened.

Tenmaku Sakurako

Tenmaku Sakurako

Owner of Maeda’s perfect eyes. In the same class as Maeda. She’s the Narusegawa of this series ^_^. Has mastered the Naru Punch and is not very honest about her feelings. Frontrunner of the harem.

Tsukino Yukari

Tsukino Yukari

Owner of Maeda’s perfect breasts. Shy meganekko, but don’t let looks fool you, she’s an expert at archery.

Ootori Kirino

Ootori Kirino

Owner of Maeda’s perfect voice. Quiet and stoic at the outlook. Descendant of a famous ninja clan and has some ninjutsu. Secretly likes to sing :).

Ameyagi Tsubame

Ameyagi Tsubame

Owner of Maeda’s perfect legs. The ooya-san of the dorm and teacher at Maeda’s school. Likes to drink. The Yukari-sensei of this series, from the limited time she’s been on.

The premise of AiKora seems very similar to Love Hina and other harem series’ around. But still the characterization gives it a lot of saving grace, especially the main character, Maeda, who’s really serious about his fetish to the point that he actually confesses he likes the fattest girl in class, just because she’s got the legs LOL. He’s quite honest with his feelings and *not* a total wimp like 90% of the other harem protagonists. It’s also a nice romcom, which someone I know might like it a lot ;).

It also tackles some issues about fetishes. Quite the timing, considering the explosion of the moé phenemenom. Overall, it’s a nice and sweet series, from the 8 chapters already out. I do like Kazurou Inoue’s style, so I’ll be following up this series.

Currently, AT-Translations are working on this series.

And before I end, I’ll show some choice pages from the manga’s funny scenes(which was what made me read it in the 1st place, :).

Girls are all about the parts!!

Even if I lose my life, I won’t let it happen!!!


My.. my high speed bullet train!!!

Hate the crime, not the fetish…


  1. Ronin AnimeLover Said,

    October 22, 2005 @ 1:08 am

    Hey, Kurogane. Why is it that I can’t access AT-Translations’ BT website? I get an error message telling me that the server can’t be found.

    Does that mean I have to go to mIRC to get the chapters?

  2. Kurogane Said,

    October 22, 2005 @ 7:48 am

    I think their BT tracker is down. So you could try their IRC channel.

  3. Zimmer Said,

    October 22, 2005 @ 2:40 pm

    Haha, this manga looks promising from the pictures I just saw. I will check it out for sure, thanks for posting, :)

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