Shakugan no Shana 03


Shana contemplates on Yuuji’s strange behavior for a Torch, wondering if it’s because he’s a Mystis. Alastor comments that the real problem is the Tomogara after him now, while Yuuji is reminiscing about Yukari’s disappearance.

The next morning, Yuuji wonders where Shana went to. He enters class and Ike asks him where did he go to after he said he left to find Hirai. Yuuji is shocked that Ike remembers Hirai and Ike points to Hirai’s seat where Yuuji is surprised to find Shana.

Shana explains that she’s taken over Hirai Yukari’s “existence” in order to observe Yuuji. Yuuji gets annoyed by it and starts to shout, attracting the attention of the class and gets lectured by 2 of his classmates (didn’t get their names, or their roles yet., possible shounen-ai couple?! saa~~ :).

The commotion is interrupted with the arrival of their class teacher. School starts and in English, Yuuji reflects back, thinking that it wasn’t Shana’s fault anyways and she’s just doing her job. His thoughts are interrupted when the English teacher calls out Shana, asking her if she’s paying attention and taking notes.

Shana coolly interjects back at the teacher, answering the questions on the board and further criticizing him. The shock proves too much and he runs out of the class. Shana repeats this for the other subjects, including Chemistry, History, Mathematics, even forcing one of the teachers to jump out the window!!

By lunch, everyone’s talking about how Hirai-san(Shana) has changed and most are plainly afraid of her. For lunch, Shana gets some melon-pan’s from the cafeteria and eats it on the roof. She comments that everything is as usual and she’ll finish this job like normal.

Meanwhile, the puppet guy is chatting with Marianne, the doll from episode 1. She wants to repay her debt to her goshujin-sama and asks him to let her go catch the Mystis. He allows it and gives her a card to help her out.

Back at school, Yuuji contemplates about his impending disappearance. He thinks that rather than the thought of dying, the fact that everyone will not remember him, hurts him more.

School ends and everyone’s saying good bye when suddenly, the fuzetsu appears. Yuuji is shocked and Shana says that the Tomogara will attack him anywhere, as long as he’s the Mystis. Shana then puts on the black coat and takes out her sword.

Yuuji is concerned about his fellow classmates and tries to get them out of the class.He manages to move a girl outside(coincindetally, she wearing make-up and Yuuji puts her lying face-up) before the enemy comes.

Cards appear and try to attack him, but Shana blocks them with her coat.Shana easily disposes of the rinne after the initial attack. When they’re done, the classroom is in shambles and the people are seriously injured. Shana picks Marianne up and asks for her master’s name, to which she defiantly refuses.

Before Shana can deal with her, her master appears and saves her. He restores Marianne and introduces himself as Kariudo Friagne. Alastor recognizes him and calls him the “Flame Haze Killer”. Friagne retorts back, saying he doesn’t like that name and calls Alastor one of the Guze, the “Tenjou no Gouka”. They have a small chat and Friagne taunts Shana, prompting Shana to challenge him but he refuses and disappears in a burst of flames.

After he disappears, Shana intends to use Ike’s existence to restore everything back to normal, as no flames were taken. Yuuji is, of course, against it and Shana says she can choose from the others. She explains that Ike and the others going to die anyways when the fuzetsu clears and it’s better to use him to restore everything. Yuuji still disagrees and Shana threatens to use his Torch instead to restore everything. Yuuji thinks that it will be the mark left by him in this world and agrees,irritating Shana.

At night, on Yuuji’s roof, Shana wonders why is he so strange when suddenly Yuuji appears with a flask of coffee. Alastor asks how did he know their wherabouts to which Yuuji replies that he somehow senses it. Yuuji’s Torch has become small and he’s probably about to disappear but he doesn’t mind it, as he’s left his mark by helping out Ike and the others. Yuuji goes down to get a spoon for Shana, when Shana notices his Torch suddenly turns back to normal and wonders if it’s because of the Mystis.

Somewhere in the city, an old guy captures a disappearing Torch and on the top of a building, a woman with an irritating book-like thing appears. Friagne comments that obstacles have appeared.

The next episode seems to see some ero moments and a big fight between Shana and the woman.


Shakugan no Shana is getting my interest with each episode.There’s much potential for action and humor in this series and we’ve seem to get a glimpse of it this episode, with Shana pissing off all the teachers :).

Art and animation remain top-notch, keeping with J.S. Staff’s excellent track record.And the music is done nicely. Ahh…. Oct.26 and Nov.9 is sooo long away.

Shana also had a lot of cute moments, with her pissing off the teachers and while she was eating melon-pan. She did had a little comment that the melon-pan in this world was tasty. I wonder if the world of Guze had those too. Also a little cameo of Kazumi-san, Matt’s favourite ^_^.

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