Bleach 54


Rukia’s execution goes on. After the usual procedures, Soukyoku is unsealed and the execution process begins. Rukia does the customary “life-flashing-before-her-eyes” and says “Sayonara”.

After a delay, she opens her eyes to wonder “what the heck they’re taking so long for, my shoulders hurt”…. find Ichigo in front of her, blocking Soukyoku and uttering “Yo!”. Ichigo then faces off Soukyoku, but is helped by Ukitake and Kyoutaku.

Following that, he breaks the execution stand and he plays a spot of “Rukia Baseball” with Renji. The vice-captains of the 1st, 2nd and 4th immediately start going after Rukia, but Ichigo takes them all down in a flash, without even using Zangetsu, which he uses to block Byakuya’s strike, ending the episode.


This episode was done perfectly, in accordance to the manga chapters,in fact even better, down to Ichigo’s ‘Yo!’, which I will permanently hate him for…admire him for and the way he took out the vice-captains, ahh the wonders of anime. The animation and art for this episode is superb, anything less would’ve been considered high treason.

After the ending, there’s also a little omake part about the Kamakura Superheroes. I’d like to compliment the animation studio for including this little quirks, to lighten up the mood from the earlier climax :).

So far, the Bleach anime has been done perfectly, in fact I have no complaints much about it. Maybe there’s an occasional art lapse or so, I admit but still, it hasn’t deviated much from the manga, and there’s a much less “commercial”-lized feel than from the top shounen series now, Naruto(bleagh!!), which I will not watch anytime soon.

I’m glad that the animators keep the spirit of Kubo-sensei’s work in the anime. Kubo-sensei is really a master of style and storytelling, right down to the impending twist in Bleach. I won’t spoil anything here, get the manga if you want to :).

I’ve heard also complaints about the flashbacks and delay during the part where Rukia’s getting ready to be exceuted, but IMHO, it’s quite minimally intrusive, especially if you’ve been through GSD.

Next episode should be the big fight between Ichigo and Byakuya and also another pair (shoujo-ai fangirls will love it ^_^). I expect the twist to come in 2-3 episodes.

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