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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!! Don’t really celebrate much of it over here, but I still like the gothicness of the whole festival ^_^. Given that, here’s some choice pics from my evergrowing collection of stuff. I must get a name for it :) .

Rozen Maiden 4koma : One and Two

The worst thing in the world to me…

This images are not recommended to people with weak hearts and minds, view at your own discretion ;) :
One , Two and Three

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Bleach 55

One word: SUGOI!!!!! Thank god Studio Pierrot retains the manga’s essence and spirit and adds on it more instead of ruining it (think Naruto and One Piece :( ). Although the rumours of a Bleach movie coming soon is making me a bit nervous. Hopefully the spirit of commercialization doesn’t affect Bleach T_T.

Definately the highlight of this episode was Yama-jii’s shikai release. You cannot deny that a lot of effort went into this part. A bit too long, yes, but still done with style and more dramatic than in the manga. Can’t wait also for the Yoruichi vs Soi Fong fight next episode. Shoujo-ai *hint hint* :)

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Nanoha A’s 05

Fayt and Arf

Really good episode as we get to see the upgraded Raging(or Fledging) Heart and Bardiche in action. Highlights include:

– Hayate-chan being chou-kawaii in the beginning when she was buying groceries.
– Raging/Fledging Heart’s engrish(made me LOL’ed, a lot).
– Nanoha and Vita comedy (unfortunately I didn’t get much of it :( )
– Nanoha, when she was firing the Buster move on Vita
– Fayt and Signum fight. Bardiche stole the scene when he thanked Signum for commenting he’s strong XD.
– Appearence of mysterious masked guy
– Hayate playing with the cats.
– Hayate’s kansai-ben (am I correct?)
– Revelation that the kishidan are created lives, apparently by the Yami no Sho.

Nanoha A’s is getting more and more better, can’t wait for the next week, where it seems the origins of the kishidan are revealed. Meanwhile, waiting for Kawaii Ou, Matt to put up his entry ^_^.

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Fall 2005 Season Preliminary Round-up.


Well, it’s about a month into the Fall 2005 Anime Season line-up and most blogs have already put up 1st impressions. Now I’d like to follow in their footsteps and post up my thoughts as well. As I haven’t watched a lot of the new series’, I’m putting it up by series.

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A little note…

Recently I’ve gotten complains about broken image links from a few people. It turns out that somehow, an extra “/” was added to the “http://” part of the link, causing it to be broken in IE but not in Firefox (again, I stress the virtues of Firefox). I’ve corrected the errors now and it should be working fine.

To the IE visitors of my blog(about 30% of them), I strongly urge the usage of Firefox instead of IE as IE doesn’t like my stylesheet. I’m fully aware of this problem and I *may* correct this, if I find the motivation to do it. But do not hope for much, as I’m a fully fledged Firefox user now and I rarely use IE anymore.

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Mai Otome Comparision – Breasts

Fresh off 4chan, the unofficial breast size comparision of the Mai Otome characters. Limited due to the fact that not all the girls were in the bath at that moment.

MO Breast Comparision

Surprisingly, Nina got last, even Mashiro beat her, XD.

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Mai Otome 04

I’d gladly blog Mai Otome full, but this job is best left to Mentar and co., besides I’m scared of myself. I take screencaps close to the high hundreds everytime I blog Mai Otome. So instead, I’ll put up fanboy rants important plot plots instead.

– Haruka and Yukino rules. Period.

– Otome’s can’t have sex with the opposite gender, due to unknown effects on the nanomachines. At this point, I actually had to stop and take a 30-min breather due to the fact my brain exploded with HAADO YURI!!!!!! thoughts random speculations.

Chibi Nina chou kawaiii~~~!!!!!!

– Sunrise should die. They *shouldn’t* put in the revelation that Otomes are HAADO YURI!!! forbidden to have sex with the opposite gender *and* the bath scene in the same episode. I almost died from anemia, goddamnit.

– Mysterious cloaked figure with Rado in Episode 3 now has a 50-50 chance to be either Mai or Midori.

– Rivalling pairs : Haruka and Shizuru, Natsuki and Mai(?)

– Fumi Cameo : Natsuki’s table in her office. It’s a permanent fixture.

Based on the four episodes out now, it seems Mai Otome is heading to FMP? Fummoffu’s status. I wouldn’t mind as it was the dear wish of all Mai HiME fans (apart from animating the audio drama CD’s). There’s hints of seriousness to come, but so far the show hasn’t even taken itself seriously, as nicely put by Mentar.

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Jigoku Shoujo 04

The episodic nature of this show has really made it quite boring at times for me.I’m purely watching this show just to see Ai-chan and the punishment they mete out.As I suppose just about every episode will follow the same format, I’m gonna blog it short and simple by showing out only the highlights of this episode.

1. Wet Ai-chan ^_^.

2. Ambulance from Hell.

3. Team Medical Hell.

4. Now… where shall I test this on….

5. I would gladly write my own name in Jigoku Tsuushin to get Ai to do this to me.

6. Smothered to death by neko’s. Too bad, it wasn’t nekomimi meido’s

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Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 02


Shinku and Barasuishou fight with Shinku getting the short end of the stick. But before they’re finished off, a hole kicks them out of the World, possibly done by Mr. Laplace Demon a.k.a Evil Mad Hatter. The next day we get some Hina Ichigo and Suisuiseki interaction. There was a really “WTF!!” moment when I realised that the mad Shinku was the invention of Suisuiseki. Talk about misleading trailers.

Shinku however has changed much after the fight, avoiding the rest in an attempt to conceal Barasuishou’s appearence to them. Sousuiseki, however, realises it and confronts Shinku about it.In the end, she reveals Barasuishou’s appearence to the rest. Tomoe and Jun visit a doll shop with a creepy shopkeeper (who could be Friagne’s best friend) and we get a glimpse of a guy that remotely looks like Father. Jun buys some presents for the gang from the shop and Shinku returns to her normal ojou-sama self when she receives it.

Next week, Kanaria gets introduced. For a more complete summary, please go to Memento.


A good set-up episode for the following events. The Laplace Demon’s intentions and roles are still very much unknown, seemingly luring Shinku to Barasuishou and then rescuing them from her. I would wager a guess he’s an agent of Father or at the least, one of Father’s creations. Now, if i coud understand what the heck he’s saying. I guess the fansubbers are gonna hate this guy :P.

Shinku and Jun’s relationship seem to be getting better and better to the point I’m afraid that Jun might turn to Friagne II. Hopefully it doesn’t happen ^^. Barasuishou also looks really cool (but not as much as in the manga) but as for theories and thoughts, not much comes into mind. Haven’t seen much of her yet.

As usual, Hina Ichigo and Suisuiseki(evil as usual) provides the comic relief. I was especially “WTF!!”-ed on the realization that this was actually Suisuiseki’s imagination. I was seriously thinking that Shinku might go into that mode, XD. Sousuiseki also plays the “quiet observer” part really good. She’s good at picking up hints and whatsoever, but then, she’s in the “Adult” category, along with Shinku.

There’s also Friagne’s best friend and the “Father” look-alike to contend with. I would wonder if the shopkeeper is the Laplace Demon in disguise. Well, ~träumend~’s in it’s second episode only, so there’s much to (un)cover.

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Heads up! It’s Antenna!!

Ok, I suck at making titles. So I’ll replace it with a nice pic of the Rozen Maiden gang.

Rozen Maiden Group

Anyways, Matt’s made a rival to Jason’s ABT the Antenna. Both have the same functions so I guess it’s up to user preference on which to use. Personally, the Antenna is easier on the eyes for me, no hard feelings, eh, Jason. Anyways, competition is healthy and besides, both can back each other up.

In other news, I’ve FINALLY hacked my goddamned modem to work perfectly.Now my torrents run at full speed and portforwarded correctly. Do not underestimate the power of a moé-addicted otaku, muahahahaha. Screw you Screamyx!!!!!

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